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"Ben did a great job inspecting our home and he is very detailed. I have recommended him to everyone I meet. He has pricing that is very fair. We are very satisfied with his report. Thanks again, Ben."
Murdock J, Smithfield, N.C.
Service Category: Client 

"I was very happy with my home inspection. Things were found and I know I would have learned about these things after I purchased the house."
Lisa S, Cary, N.C.
Service Category: Client 

"Ben did a great job with all my clients, whether buyers or sellers. He was clear in his explanations of things that needed to be addressed and didn't alarm the parties involved. Ben is also an excellent carpenter and I have always had him do any work required on my home and recommend him to others who need a carpenter."
Kathy K, Syracuse, N.Y.

Service Category: Real Estate Agent



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